Private Montessori Nursery Facility

MOKIWE MontessoriKinderWerkstätte
MOKIWE MontessoriKinderWerkstätte

MOKIWE MontessoriKinderWerkstätte

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Nursery & Kinderhaus

no seats available at the moment for the 2019/20 season

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MOKIWE MontessoriKinderWerkstätte

Pickings from the First Parent-Teacher…

Speech development and learning to write: laying the foundations here at Kinderhaus MOKIWE.

MOKIWE MontessoriKinderWerkstätte

Welcome to the New Term 2019/20

With a lot of anticipation and excitement, on Monday we began our new kindergarten year. 

MOKIWE MontessoriKinderWerkstätte

My Lantern And Me …

Gleanings from the lantern evening on November 12th,…

What makes MOKIWE so unique?

We put a lot of focus on providing a large and varied scope of Montessori material to our children.

The support to our pedagogy by this outstanding material gives us the unique disposition to touch the inner motivation of each child and to make it blossom. We accompany them on their way to learn with joy and the interest to understand by themselves.

Since this autumn we are equipped with a multitude of new material, especially in cosmic and natural science, on which M. Montessori’s pedagogy is substantially based: you cannot open the world for children early enough!

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