Welcome to the New Term 2019/20

With a lot of anticipation and excitement, on Monday we began our new kindergarten year. 

Almost everyone is back, except our 7 MOKIWE children, who we had to say goodbye to in the beginning of summer and at the moment are curiously navigating their way through 1st grade. We wish you all the best and hope you visit us soon. We are also expecting back a couple of our children who took an extended holiday. A very important period has begun by us: our nursery is filling up quickly with new children. We wish them and their parents all the best in their time of transition.

A big thank you to the parents for last semester´s photo donations. A few materials from our “wish list” have been purchased and are ready for the children to enjoy. 

We are thrilled and very much looking forward to an exciting kindergarten year ahead of us.

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