Private Montessori Nursery Facility



Every child carries and follows their unique plan of development within itself. This was the fundamental finding of the physician Maria Montessori. Her pedagogy is based on the observation of the child and holds true to this day – backed up by current knowledge of neurophysiology and psychology.

We at MOKIWE see our mission as …

  • Giving every child the chance to grow and learn according to their inner timetable and at their individual pace. 
  • Creating a space where children can grow into confident and independent personalities.  
  • Catering to the diversity and varying different stages of development in the children by having a broad team of different pedagogues. 
  • Encouraging and stimulating all five senses, especially in regards to experiencing one’s own physicality against the barrier of the outside world. 
  • Opening up new spaces to widen experiences and thus providing the necessary freedom the foster and preserve creativity, independence (self-sufficiency, autonomy) and practice social learning skills.
  • Providing time and space for children to experience themselves in free play (Donaldson).
  • Accepting each child in their personality, to care for them with mindfulness and treat them as complete. 
  • Helping children to form their own will by giving them a space to learn to make their own decisions. Helping them to think and act freely. 
  • Providing room for self driven development and learning. It is a proven fact that children not only want to learn but most of times want to learn specific things at specific times in their development, the so called sensitive phases.
  • Helping the children to overcome challenges instead of avoiding them. 

Freely chosen work …

Stands at the heart of Montessoris’ pedagogical reforms for education. The children learn to choose for themselves how they want to spend their time.  Providing Montessori-material, displaying it in a child oriented way and the keen observational skills of our pedagogues help the children to decide on what to do. Furthermore, the children mostly choose their own pace of work and how long they spend on a particular subject; as well as if they spend the time working, playing and learning alone or with a partner.  These free choices lead to a kind of inner discipline, instead of a false sense of accomplishment cultivated in the children by the pedagogues.  Every visitor unfamiliar with the principles of the pedagogy of Maria Montessori leaves impressed by the calm and peaceful atmosphere that results from these free work periods.

The concept of freedom is realised through …

  • … freely chosen work in a well prepared environment, which encourages the children to learn to act and think independently. 
  • … the freedom of choice of activity within the prepared spaces.
  • … the freedom of choice of a partner- as well as the choice to work alone.
  • … a mostly open timetable. This ensures that the children are able to spend as musch time as they need on their activities. 

Work according to the principles of Emmi Pikler

  • The outstanding importance of tactful and respectful care in the relationship of the infant and the adult caring for him is a well-known yet important element of the Pikler approach. The hereby experienced undivided attention plays a key part in keeping the children emotionally saturated, which in turn equips them with the ability to play and learn happily on their own. 
  • Free play is a way for the children to discover and experience their unique developmental steps on their own and in a playful intrinsic way. 
  • Physical activity is very significant in assuring a happy and healthy childhood. Especially for children under the age of 3 it is of vital importance. We provide a variety of specific wooden toys to accommodate the need for movement in the children.

 Physical activity  based on Elfriede Hengstenberg

  • Leaving children to develop motor skills independently and at their own rhythm provides the base for personality development. 
  • Based on the model of Elfriede Hengstenberg we have created a safe suitable environment to stimulate the joy of movement in the children.  The provided structures for climbing and motion play leave room for initiatives of their own activity as well as help them to fine tune their motor skills, agility and dexterity while finding their inner balance. 

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